About Us

In the late 1990s a small printer in Northampton wanted to sell photo calendars online. At that time there was very little software on the market that was up to the task and so they decided to build their own. The software was noticed by other printers who wanted to do the same thing and so the development team was spun out to form Red Tie Group Ltd (our parent company) to be a software development company specialising in the development of web to print software for printers around the world. It is still a large part of our business today and if you want to find out more read our RedTie case study on our Case Study page.

As the company grew we saw that our customers needed not just our off the shelf software but also bespoke solutions to other software related issues they had. They knew the quality of our work and our first class customer service and would often ask us help out. All the work was coming from within our customer base but as our reputation for great software development grew we started to get requests by way of referral. From dealing primarily with print companies we were suddenly getting work from other industries.

In 2016 we knew that our over 15 years of experience in development and project management was in growing demand, especially our knowledge of taking software online. Right from the start our software was designed to be cloud based, even before the cloud was really a thing. Full Metal Software was formed to meet that demand.

Our Mission

Full Metal Software's mission is to make a difference to people and their businesses by providing all our customers with the best web applications and associated services to meet their business needs. We are a company for organisations to entrust their software development requirements to.

We are not just a great company, we are a company that does great things.

Our Philosophy

Be Jargon Free:
It is true that developers speak their own language but that shouldn't be the concern of our customers. Every project we undertake gets a project manager and one of their primary roles is to make sure that we communicate with our customers in a jargon free, easy to understand way. They are the translators between development speak and English!

Deliver Greatness:
We love to beat expectations. At every stage of a project we are looking for ways to improve on what we promise to deliver. It is, therefore, good that we all love development and constantly have an eye on what is new in both our development technologies and others. It keeps our knowledge up to date on what can be done and how to do it.

Business First:
Just because you can, doesn't mean you should! We know our clients don't have unlimited budgets, that they need solutions that create more benefits than they cost. We work within budgets, helping prioritise what brings the biggest benefits for the cost and finding ways to reduce how much needs to be spent by leveraging off the shelf components and libraries, where possible, to cut down development time.

Be Approachable:
A lot of tech companies hide behind the virtual wall of the internet. Not us, we not only like meeting our customers, it is actually part of our development process. Face to face meetings really help us get to know our clients' businesses and their requirements. The whole company is based in the UK, we have really easy to get to offices and are happy to visit our clients as well.