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pastdrives Case Study - A Deeper Dive

You may have read our recently added case study (hyperlink me) for the work we did on the pastdrives web application and even have visited the site and had a look around. Read on for a deeper dive into some of the features we developed for this project.

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What are the hosting options for your app?

When you have decided to go down the route of developing bespoke software you will often be asked by your developer where do you want it to be hosted. Although cost is a driving factor it is often not the only one to make the right decision. 

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How to Decide on a Sensible Budget

Development can be expensive but still be good value to your business or be cheap but still not worth it. The trick is to have a sensible budget in mind, one that is right for your business, so that when your quotes come in you have something to compare it against and make the right decision.

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I Want to Be a Software Developer - Introduction

Learning to develop software can be a rewarding hobby or career, but with so many languages and options for how to learn available it can feel like making the right decision on where to start for a complete beginner is almost impossible. In this post we introduce some of the concepts and early decisions you can make that we will build on in later posts. 

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