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About our client

Guard Watch have developed a highly regarded Security Guard Management System. With a growing list of clients, they offer a feature rich SaaS platform consisting of a Web Application and a companion mobile application.

The Requirement

After the developer of Guard Watch sadly passed away the company was in need of someone to quickly get to grips with the software codebase. The client needed someone to keep on top of the maintenance along with developing a growing list of features which often arise with a growing customer base.

Our Solution

The first thing we do in code takeover projects is to get the software running locally in our development environment. A senior developer then spends a short amount of time with the code to make sure that we are the right company for the job. When we say we can look after someone else’s code we want to make sure that is true.

As with all software, maintenance is an ongoing requirement and we worked with the client to both fit their budget and work on the backlog of issues that needed fixing based on their priorities. This also involved project managing some upgrades to the mobile application in conjunction with one of our expert partners for native Android applications.

With the software back being looked after correctly the client could then move on to prioritising the feature requests that had built up, allowing us to build and then successfully release a number of upgrades that increased the end user already high satisfaction rates.


The clients immediate need to find a developer capable of looking after his software could have quickly become a nightmare. Now that the software is in our safe hands the team at Guard Watch can do what they do best, support the needs of their current customers whilst expanding their customer base.

From Our Customer

“From first contact, Ben and the team at Full Metal took the project on with vigour enabling me to trust that my requirements for maintenance and support will be met. They go out of their way to help with technical issues, even when it doesn’t fall under the remit of typical support. I am now safe in the knowledge my requests are being handled properly and efficiently.” Steve, MD of Guard Watch.

The Future

All of us at Full Metal love to work with our clients over the long term and our relationship with the team at Guard Watch has been great. The first year or working with them (this case study was written in early 2022) has flown by. There is no sign of it coming to an end either, the owner of Guard Watch has big plans for the company and new customers have new requirements that keep us all busy.

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