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As you may have read on our About Us page, RedTie is where we started and who we are still part of. Normally that would be a reason to choose another case study to present but as you will see below it is just too good to not include on our site!

About Our Client

RedTie develops software, primarily for printers, print managers and marketing agencies that allows them to take orders online for printed materials, along with other items. The flagship product is a custom built fully featured webstore with the ability to edit artwork online within constraints set by our customers and once the order is complete the software then produces the necessary print quality PDF files.

Typically it is used by RedTie’s customers to offer their clients a convenient way to order print online. They often run several webstores, each branded to their customers branding, selling the products their customers repeatedly buy and using any business rules (such as approval of orders or credit limits on spending) their clients have.

Our Solution

This project started over 15 years ago! So as you can expect with that much development time “Our Solution” could run to a novel in size. The shorter version is that we have developed a solution for a specific industry to help them better service their clients. All RedTie’s software is SaaS (Software as a Service) hosted on our dedicated high availability server setup. RedTie’s customers do not have to own or maintain any hardware or have any software installed as everything is designed to work within a modern web browser.

Using the benefits of SaaS based web applications we do 3 – 4 major feature releases a year; everyone is on the latest code and RedTie’s customers do not need to worry about software going out of date.

As it is used by a lot of customers around the world, each with their own requirements, everything we do is customisable (all in a browser!) and we have a developed a set of products that are easy to use but once you dig beneath the surface you get access to an incredible breadth and depth of options and features.


RedTie’s products are always being worked on. New technologies allow us to constantly add new features that we could not have even imagined when the first version went live. We are constantly looking for ways to help our customers help their customers and in doing so have great customer loyalty.

The software is currently running several thousand webstores for customers all around the world and it is processing 10’s of thousands of products ordered a month.

For more information on what RedTie does please visit the RedTie website.

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