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Zanzibar Amber Resort

Zanzibar Resort Website

About our client

Zanzibar Amber Resort is a luxury tropical community that blends contemporary lifestyle aspirations with premium hospitality and world-class facilities, to create a new ideal in desirable Equatorial living.

Currently under construction, it will offer a signature golf course, marina, luxury villas & apartments and world class hotels, driving tourism in this stunning part of Africa.

The Requirement

Before contacting Full Metal, Zanzibar Amber Resort had an internally created website that was little more than holding page. When they signed with Ernie Els Design to create one of his signature golf courses, they knew that once the information was released it would drive a lot of attention. Their immediate concern was therefore that both the media and the general public’s first impressions when visiting their site would not be ideal.

From signing the contract with Ernie Els, to the logical launch event where Ernie was attending a local golf tournament was a matter of weeks.

Zanzibar Amber Resort needed a new website to an incredibly tight deadline and budget. With no internal experience of how to get it done they turned to us.

Our Solution

Every project starts with a meeting and this one was no different. We came away with a detailed list of requirements, the required launch date and a budget. The project manager then had to get to work on a plan. Full Metal could develop a website within the deadline, however the budget was prohibitive in this case, mainly due to the fact that Zanzibar Amber Resort had identified that this was still very much an intermediary site to the final one that would be in place shortly before the resort was due to open.

With the bottleneck of the project identified we contacted some of our partners to see what could be done to solve the issue. Once we had all the various parts of the project worked out, we went back to the client to discuss the best way forward. We told them we would outsource design and the building of the website. Full Metal Software would handle the hardware side of things and most importantly we would be the project lead, the point of contact for our client and the one responsible for making sure everything was done to our high standards.

At each stage of the design and build of the site Full Metal did the first rounds of content, testing and quality control. This meant that our client could concentrate on fine tuning the look and content during their approval part of the project.


Encompassing a whole corporate identity, the website would not have been released unless it hit all the right markers for quality, image and usability. The results can be seen here:

Zanzibar Amber Resort (opens in new window)

From Our Customer

We delivered a project ahead of time and on budget! As our client puts it:

“The decision to contact Full Metal to undertake this huge task has proven to be a great one and we look forward to continuing our professional partnership through this project and many others”, David Haycock Project Lead, Zanzibar Amber Resort.

The Future

We provide ongoing support for the site, including any updates they require, and maintain their hardware. Full Metal  has also become a consultant to the technical side of their operation, helping them source and audition software solutions that they will need to run such a complex resort.

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