Offline Ordering Platform

In some cases our clients are happy for us to talk about the projects but due to business circumstances they or their customers must be kept confidential.

About Our Client

As a market leader in customised printed and embroidered merchandise, our client sought to speed up telephone and offline ordering for their call centre staff.

The Requirement

Historically, this client used a manual pen and paper ordering system to take orders from their less technical customers or those without an Internet connection. These orders were usually placed over the telephone and in terms of efficiency it was thought huge improvements could be made using software.

A call to Full Metal Software was made with a view to achieving maximum efficiency for their call centre staff.

What We Did

Being local to Full Metal Software, a number of one to one project definition meetings took place at both our headquarters in Northampton, and our client’s offices. These laid out the requirements of the proposed offline ordering system whereby customer orders could be efficiently taken using a locally hosted application including payment details much akin to an order form on screen.

From there the order would be sent to their cloud based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) print management software to be processed by the relevant print workflow which in turn treated the order as though it had come via their online presence albeit marked as a mail order or telephone order. This then removed the manual nature of the pen and paper order form and allowed it to flow through the processing flow before being printed and dispatched to the customer.


As a company that has operated for over 60 years, bringing this last aspect of their business online has helped increase efficiency tenfold. Marrying an offline system to an online one can be tricky as you have to deal with all manner of different technologies hosted locally, not to mention firewalls and hardware that may be end of life. Choosing Full Metal Software to undertake this brought on board a wealth of experience in this area and allowed the project to see its full potential.