Vortex Computer Solutions

About Our Client

As a successful development company in its own right, Vortex Computer Solutions has a number of key clients for which it undertakes development work.

The Requirement

Trying to balance the ambition to grow their client list whilst keep their current customers happy, Nigel Colver (MD) initially turned to Full Metal Software to outsource some of the maintenance work for their projects. In this case it was important that they remain the face of the development and maintain the relationship with the customers, in effect Full Metal Software was to be behind the scenes doing work on behalf of Vortex so that they could then release to their clients.

What We Did

From the first meeting both companies decided that as this was potentially an ongoing requirement it would be best served by making sure that we could respond to Vortex's clients in an efficient and timely manner. To that end we were added as a user on Vortex's ticket management system so that they could allocate the tasks they wanted us to take care of. We could then report back when a task had been completed for them to test and release to their customers as if they had done it themselves.

Availability, turnaround speed and quality are the key factors in code maintenance and Full Metal Software provides a project manager and high quality experienced developers to make sure that those requirements are met.


Software maintenance and bug fixing is not sexy but it is an essential ongoing requirement for most software.

The key marker of success is the reaction from the project owner, namely Vortex's customers, who have commented on how the turnaround on their issues has improved dramatically. The partnership has been so successful in performing maintenance that discussions have moved to providing support to build new features and updates. All parties couldn’t be happier with the results.

Nigel Colvert, Managing Director of Vortex Computer Solutions says:

“Full Metal Software was recommended to us by a colleague and I have no hesitation in recommending them to others. They very quickly integrated into our way of working and have consistently delivered work to a high standard”.