About Our Client

Pastdrives Ltd was formed by a group of car enthusiasts who wanted to develop a passionate community web application showcasing, appreciating and connecting cars with their owners, past present and future.

The Requirement

By the time pastdrives contacted Full Metal Software they had done a lot of work. Design concepts and branding were in place and the features required for the launch version had been identified. The requirement was therefore simple, turn all of this into a web application.

What We Did

Before we wrote one line of code we took the project brief and fleshed it out into a full specification that could be broken down into a number of development phases making it easier for both internal and client testing. Then we set about researching the various requirements of the application to find libraries that could be used to shorten the development cycle and keep costs down.

When a project is large and complex, one of the keys to success is the relationship between the client and Full Metal Software. From the first release to the beta launch we had at least weekly meetings to discuss items released for testing and the finer detail of features being developed next.

Full Metal software put all our 15 years’ experience into this project that included a number of third party application integrations and building a lot of what didn’t exist from scratch.


Initial feedback from the beta period proved very positive and the project is now live, with the number of cars and users on the site is growing every day. You can visit it here:

pastdrives. (opens in new window)

The Future

Full Metal Software provides all support (software and hardware) for the web application on an ongoing basis and has already developed and released a couple of new features that came from early user testing.

The team at pastdrives is now busy growing the number of users and cars on the site and has an ever growing list of new features they would like to add in the future.