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How Software Efficiency Enriches Our Lives

by FMS Team


Software efficiency enriches lives blog

Software plays a pivotal role in enhancing efficiency across various industries and sectors. In this post we will discuss the elements in which software is implemented efficiently. In the last post we talked about how to be efficient with software, in this post we will talk about how software itself is used for efficiency and how businesses implement it into our lives.

Throughout history we as a species have always used resources to work efficiently. From the building of the pyramids using large ramps, to connecting with clients over video chat.

Software itself can be used in many different and great ways. In this post we’d like to discuss the ways in which software is being used for good, those being:

  • Accessibility
  • Workflow
  • Personal Use
  • Personal Growth
  • Education
  • Industry Use
  • Economic Use

So let’s dive into them…

Photo of mobile phone, credit card and notepad. Used to represent that a phone is more than a phone.


For decades we’ve always thrived to help out those around us, especially those with disabilities. Software is an important aspect in helping the everyday lives of those who struggle with certain tasks.

If you go on your phone right now, go to the settings you’ll see settings that are implemented for those who are blind for example. There’s a tool called VoiceOver which describes out loud what’s on screen. For those who are visually impaired there’s options to change the size of text.

From your everyday devices like your phone to even video games, controllers have been developed for those with disabilities to help escape and play their favourite video games.

Education being an important part of life, we’ll talk more about that further down however for accessibility we have software for kids with Dyslexia, help with reading apps are extremely popular in schools to help. Especially after the pandemic this has been extremely helpful with helping students who have missed out on learning who already struggle due to things like Dyslexia.


As we advance with how we work with technology the efficiency of the software we use is highly important. Ask yourself, how do I complete my daily tasks at work? How are our numbers calculated? How do we keep track of everyone? Not just the workers but also the clients? How do we clock in and clock out? We can guarantee that the answer to all these questions is software.

A powerful way to be efficient with software is to implement software products that increase collaboration between team members. Since the pandemic a lot of us have implemented working from home, software products that allow us to communicate and work outside the office has created an efficient environment that can accommodate individual needs and work around schedules of those who might need to work outside the office, using these software products outside of the work space would help integrated development environments. Now people can access work files from the cloud at home for example and improve productivity and development processes. For us personally this has increased efficiency in software development.

Personal Life

Let’s be honest, a lot of us, if not a majority, rely heavily on our phones. As mentioned before, within accessibility for those who need it due to disabilities, there’s also those who rely on phones for everyday tasks just to make the day easier. Phones have become mini computers, we carry them everywhere and having them close to our hands constantly they’re a good tool for not only work but personal life. Not only do we have a device that can call anyone or message anyone at any time anywhere, we also have a camera to capture the moments that matter the most which we can then share on different social media platforms. We can edit those photos using different software that we usually associate with computers. Now it’s in the palm of our hands.

Let’s do a quick rundown of what our phones are and can be in our everyday lives; an alarm clock, calendar, communication device, fitness tracker (which we can connect to our watches that also can do a lot of this stuff), food delivery service, email device, a camera and so much more.

Personal Growth

When we talk about personal growth we usually talk about eating healthier, working out, learning a new language or advancing a skill. All can be done using software. In fact using software to track or learn these things is an incredibly popular tool. In fact according to

“Among Americans and Britons who say they hit the gym as often as possible, at least one in five track their fitness or diet through fitness apps (28%)”


As we have mentioned, education is a key user of software. Look at your average classroom. You have those big interactive whiteboards, with the different colour pens. Education is being advanced with software. A few years ago a few articles came out that they were using software like Minecraft to teach students things like coding. As we move forward software will be more implemented for teaching for the better of the students learning.

Industry Use

For us personally, software IS the industry. We create from the ground up or adopt other software to improve to the best standard to fit the clients’ needs. To help them be efficient. We’ve tapped into many industries such as education, law firms, creative industries and so much more. Software is everywhere. As mentioned before we implement work from home days like majority of businesses have as of the last few years, and with tools like Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, Zoom, collaboration tools like slack etc, creating ways to communicate across the industry not only within the business itself but to network and reach out to clients, having these software products is a key factor in boosting successful software development for example, or whatever industry you are in.

Economic Use

Finance is important in life, handling money is crucial to anyone, not just businesses. So having great software to deal with your economic ventures is vital. Online banking apps and money handling apps like Cashapp, Venmo, PayPal and even your regular banking apps can highly affect how we deal with money. It’s important that these software applications implement correct security measures.

In addition to that there’s apps that help you pay for your purchases in ways that are more accessible to you. Apps that allow you to pay in instalments, all to make your spending easier to manage. A lot of businesses now allow instalment payments and use different software to make all this possible.

Look at how you pay for things now, you use ApplePay, GooglePay, all different payment options on your phone or even your smart watch. Software has advanced so much now that it allows you to pay with the watch on your wrist.


So what does this have to do with businesses? Well there’s many more aspects out there, we have just highlighted a fraction of them. Businesses need software to thrive. We see this everyday, everywhere. Every example we have listed whether it is educational or personal is linked to a business. Schools use software efficiency to teach, fitness companies use technology to help you, the consumer, the client, to encourage fitness routines. Our lives are complimented daily by software. It’s something we should embrace, not fear. With the right software products implemented in life, we can work more efficiently.

In the next post we will discuss more about software efficiency for businesses. In the meantime, if you need help with any aspects of the topic discussed above, please contact us.

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