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Legacy Software Upgrades


Nothing lasts forever, and that’s certainly true with business software. Developers are constantly updating their products and full system support rarely lasts for long. Upgrading legacy software is essential for any business that depends on a reliable software infrastructure to succeed.

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High quality legacy system upgrades

At Full Metal, we can help you bring your old systems up to speed. We offer a complete legacy code updating package that brings your existing software bang up to date. You benefit from a modern, efficient software solution, while keeping your company and client data safe and intact.

Reasons for updating legacy software

Lack of support

Most developers cancel support for their earlier releases after only a few years – even sooner if new versions of the app come out regularly.

Fixes and features

Legacy systems are notoriously easy to hack, which puts you and your customers at risk. This is an important consideration, as recent data protection legislation, such as GDPR, means your company is responsible for safeguarding its data.


If your old system lacks the features you need for your current work environment, a full upgrade is the best way to get them.

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How legacy system upgrading works

Upgrading your software system can be a complicated process and one that needs a professional touch. Fortunately for our partners, Full Metal has years of experience performing full legacy system upgrades for businesses across the UK.

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Planning the upgrade

Step 1 is a technical review of your company’s legacy software, to see whether it’s still fit for purpose. This includes processes that are no longer required, as well as necessary functions the system cannot perform. We look at the system stack and make recommendations regarding the hardware, software frameworks and out-of-date libraries. At this stage, we also identify whether your legacy software integrates with any other applications, and whether the new software will have to integrate with programmes it previously couldn’t.

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Choosing the upgrade

When it comes to upgrading your legacy systems, there are two approaches we can take. The first is to refactor your legacy code. This is an ad-hoc approach that involves only changing those parts of the system that need it at any given time. Since more upgrades will be required over time, the system will be completely updated sooner or later. With applications that have only just slipped out of date, this process can be very cost-effective. The other option is a complete rewrite, upgrading the entirety of your legacy system in one go. This is very much a ‘blank slate’ approach, and is our preferred way of doing things. With really old systems, it is often the only feasible option.

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Upgrading your legacy code

Moving your data over to the new system in one go is a recipe for disaster. Instead, we run the new code and the legacy code side-by-side for brief period to ensure you’re getting the same functionality with your new system as you were with the old. We also recommend moving your departments onto the new system one at a time. Not only does it minimise disruption to the day-to-day running of your business, it also provides the ideal conditions to conduct thorough testing in a real-world environment.

Case studies

Future-proofing your system

Our legacy code upgrade solutions don’t end once everything is brought up to date. Our team continues to maintain the system, providing effective support and performing further upgrades as and when they are needed. This pro-active approach means your system need never become legacy ever again.

The language barrier

Like real-life language, computer languages evolve over time and some even have the misfortune to die out altogether. Certain legacy system still make use of these ‘dead’ languages such as ALGOL, Pascal, COBOL, and others. While there are few – if any – native coders in the UK still programming in these defunct languages, experienced developers like the team at Full Metal are still able to read them for logic and understand their function. In this way, we are able to bridge the gap between old and new.


Let’s build your business

We’re a UK-based firm of tech professionals with a proven track record of success across several business industries. All our work is secure and insured for your added protection and peace of mind. To find out what we can do for you, get in touch to arrange a free consultation.

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