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Project Rescue & Recovery Services


In an ideal world, every software development project would run smoothly from start to finish. Sadly, as experienced software project managers, we can confirm that this rarely happens. Whether because of inadequate planning or unforeseen circumstances, many projects find themselves in trouble at one stage or another.

Effective software project rescue solutions

Here at Full Metal, we don’t just provide project management services for new software developments. We also offer project rescue solutions to get things back on track. We provide an end-to-end service to our clients across the UK. Our experienced team of developers and project managers quickly identify the cause of your problem and create a project rescue plan to resolve it.

Common Problems

While each project is unique, there are certain problems that crop up during the software development process. These are some of the most common:

Not working as expected

This can be down to inadequate software requirement specifications (SRS), or unrealistic expectations.


If different teams and departments have an interest in the project, conflicting input or disputes can result in it coming to a standstill.

Over time and over budget

If your project wasn’t properly planned at the outset, it is easy for it to spread, consuming more resources than you might have hoped for.

Knowledge or skills gap

This can happen in long-term projects where key members of the development team have had to move on.

How Full Metal can help

Between us, we have decades of experience fixing all of the above problems and more. We combine our skills in project management and software development with your in-house staff to produce a fast and effective project rescue plan.


The first step is to stop things from getting worse. We call a meeting with your development team and any key stakeholders to work out what’s gone wrong and why. We operate a no-blame policy in these meetings. We’re not interested in who may be at fault, only how we can rescue the project.

Project rescue plan

Based on feedback from your team, we’ll put together a practical and achievable plan of action to get your project back on the rails. This will include realistic goals and individual actions for the various team members. Working together, we can get the job done.

Project management

Our experienced project managers will act as a liaison and single point of contact between your developers and any other interested parties. They’ll be responsible for coordinating work across the project team.

Team extension

If the project has expanded out of control, we can help by assigning our own development staff to your team. Working remotely, they’ll be able to take up some of the excess work, reducing the stress on the rest of your team.

Support and maintenance

Once your project is up and running again – even when it’s completed – we can offer a range of maintenance and support services to keep things moving in the right direction.


Let’s build your business

We’re a UK-based firm of tech professionals with a proven track record of success across several business industries. All our work is secure and insured for your added protection and peace of mind. To find out what we can do for you, get in touch to arrange a free consultation.

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