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Software Maintenance and Support


Most companies have a fragmented software infrastructure. Many have been built on existing legacy systems and expanded over the years with various add-ons, extensions, and bespoke apps. Keeping all of these elements up-to-date and bug-free with the latest patches and fixes is both time-consuming and keeps your IT team away from their day-to-day priorities.

Professional software maintenance and support

Full Metal offers a complete maintenance and support package for our clients across the UK. This ensures that all of your software applications are up-to-date and free of bugs, improving performance and increasing productivity in the workplace.

Adaptive maintenance

If there’s a change to your IT system – hardware or software – we can make sure that your applications are updated or replaced to be fully integrated into the new system.

Corrective maintenance

If there’s errors in your software system – whether logical, coding, or design – you can rely on our maintenance and support team to identify and correct them for you. We also investigate any bug reports that might be raised by your staff, tracking down and eliminating the problem.

Perfective maintenance

To get the very best out of your staff and resources, we can provide a full audit of your software infrastructure, examining it for edits, modifications, rectifications, additions, and deletions that make have taken place. We can remove any outdated extensions and perform any necessary upgrades to maximise performance.

Preventive maintenance

Software maintenance isn’t just about fixing problems in the present. At Full Metal we like to anticipate your company’s future software requirements. We keep ourselves on the cutting edge of software development and will make recommendations on how to prepare your software for forthcoming changes in the industry.


Most applications receive regular updates from their developers, improving functionality for your team. Our maintenance and support staff ensure that all upgrades are applied across the company.


If you change software packages, you need to know that your data will be migrated over safely, securely, and accurately. Our maintenance and support team will do just that.

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Benefits of a maintenance and support package

We offer end-to-end software maintenance and support to all our clients, delivering proven and measurable benefits to their business. These include the following:

Case studies

Improved performance

By keeping your software library up-to-date with the latest versions and upgrades, your system will run much smoother. Not only does this make life easier for your frontline staff, it means that your IT team is free to handle more important, business-specific work.

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Improved productivity

With your system running more efficiently, you staff will be able to work more efficiently. As we keep on top of any upgrades and fixes, this means less computer downtime for your team as applications freeze up or slow down.

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Cost effectiveness

Implementing a software maintenance and support package from Full Metal will help your company save money. Each third-party application you use will have its own tech support team, who often charge high rates for each job. With our service, all costs are agreed upfront and cover your entire software infrastructure.


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