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Software Requirement Specifications


Before you begin a software development project, your team needs to know what’s expected of them. What’s the purpose of this new software? How will it perform? Who’s it targeted at? How does it work? These are all questions that need definitive answers before work can begin on the project itself and this is the purpose of the Software Requirement Specifications.

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What are Software Requirement Specifications?

A software requirement specification (or SRS) is a document that describes what your software will do and how you expect it to perform. It details how the software will function, acting as a roadmap for your development team.

What’s included in a Software Requirement Specification

While details may change from one SRS to another, they can normally be split into four distinct parts – purpose, product, requirements, and risk.


This part of your SRS documentation includes the intended audience for the software and its intended use. It also includes a high-level overview of the project, listing its benefits, objectives, and goals.


This is a more detailed overview of the software development project, where we define the needs of the user and how the software will meet them. We’ll also define the form the software will take, be it a new product, an update to an application you’ve previously developed, or an extension to an off-the-shelf product.


This is the meat of your SRS documentation and the part that’s crucial to your software development team. This is where we go into detail about what the software needs to do – how it should function, how it should interface with other software and hardware, expected performance, safety, and quality levels, and so on.


No software development project is entirely without risk. By considering them at this early stage and including them in your SRS documentation, we can identify possible pitfalls and work out a way to avoid them.

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How Full Metal can help

Between us, we have decades of experience both in SRS documentation and project management. These key skills are essential to creating effective software requirement specifications. Our experienced project managers can liaise with your in-house developers, management team, and other key stakeholders to get their input. Our technical know-how allows us to create SRS documentation that is easily understood by all parties.

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Comprehensive Software Requirement Specifications

A document that details the overall purpose and functionality of a project is technically a software requirement specification. However, effective SRS documentation should also address how the software will work in a system and how it will be operated by an end-user. At Full Metal, we produce detailed SRS documents that cover all of these bases.

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From SRS to project development

Your software requirement specifications form the foundation of your software development project. You can take advantage of our project management experience and make a seamless transition between the two. This is part of our end-to-end development service – one that has delivered proven results across many industry sectors.


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